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Fee Schedule for Psychiatric Services
  • 60-minute: New Patient Intake – $450.00
  • 45-minute: Psychotherapy and Medication Management Follow-up Appointment – $337.50
  • 25-minute: Medication Management Appointment – $225.00

We do not accept any type of insurance. We require full direct payment at the time of your appointment. We are able to provide you with a super bill for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. You may be able to cover some of the fees through your “out-of-network” benefits. We cannot guarantee any insurance reimbursement however and it would be your responsibility to inquire about what will or will not be covered by your insurance.

Insurance Information

Patients are required to keep a credit card on file at the time of booking a new patient appointment. Patients are responsible for full direct payment at the time of the appointment. Mindspring Health Inc. does not contract with any insurance companies. However, if your insurance company provides out-of-network benefits, you may file your own claims for reimbursement. We are able to provide a Super Bill. We recommend that you contact your insurance company for specific information about your out-of-network coverage for mental health services.

Fee Schedule for Forensic Services